#The Future of CopyWriting

Meet Kratuus Artificial Intelligence technology

Fact About Kratuus

Artificial Intelligence trained to write original, creative content.

As industries continue to get more and more competitive, marketers need to do everything in their power to attract new customers and retain the ones,We train the AI writing assistant to write copy and content in your brand voice, similar to your competitors, or similar to your top performing live ads..

Cloud based storage for your data backup just log in with your mail account from play store and using whatever you want chance its just began.

Create marketing and blog content in minutes

With the help of the world’s SEO and direct marketing experts, Kratuus is trained to write original and creative content in 1 click.

24/7 Support

The team behind Kratuus are always at the other end to offer you steady support assistance in case you need one.

Cloud Storage

There is no script or software to download and install on your computer. Just log in to your Kratuus account and start creating high converting Contents.

No Plagiarism

You’re Getting 100% original & unique marketing copy for all your requirements. The content are also Keyword rich.

Create marketing and blog content in minutes

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Generating Content In Kratuus

How it works

You only need 3 simple steps to use our Artificial Intelligence Engine That Will Help You Grow Your Business on steroids - it's as easy as ABC!

  • Select an Ai writing tool

    Choose from our list of Ai writing tools eg: Email Copy, Website Copy Digital Ads, Sales-Driven Copywriting, Video, and Audio Script,

  • Choose the type of Copy or Content you want

    You’ll be prompted to select the type of Copy or Content you want to create under each Ai tool. Eg: you can choose to create Landing Page Copy, or website headling using the Website Copy Ai Tool

  • Fill in your product details

    Tell the Ai a short description of what your product/service is all about

  • Generate Your Content

    Our highly trained AI understands your product/service details and generates different variations of unique and human-like copy or content in seconds.


What Makes Kratuus A Better Ai Writing Tool?

Powered By Ai, Writes Like Human

with Kratuus writing is just easy peasy. The Ai is powered with the latest gpt-3 technology, and was trained by a group of copywriters that understand content marketing and conversion.

Optimized for Conversion

Because the Ai was trained and constantly being fine-tuned by copywriters, you’ll always be able to generate copy that’ll convert.

95+ Copywriting Tools

With over 95+ Ai writing tools built into [Kratuus], you’re guaranteed to be able to create any type of Copy or Content for any use case.


You’re Getting 100% original & unique marketing copy for all your requirements. The content are also Keyword rich.

Save thousands of dollars.

Hiring an A-level writer or copywriter is expensive. But with Kratuus, you can literally write all your marketing and blog content in a snap.

Create original content that ranks

Generate both short and long-form blog articles that are keyword-rich and plagiarism-free.

Export as PDF or DOC

With just a click of the button, you will effortlessly export your created content in either PDF or DOC format.

End writer’s block

Stuck staring at a blank page? Relax and let Kratuus take care of all your content creation need.

100+ languages supported

Write creatively and clearly in 100+ languages. You can also translate the entire app content to your preferred language.

Scale up your content marketing and business

Scale up your conversions and sales with Kratuus’s engaging and high converting sales-driven copy.

Easy to use

Just feed our AI-powered software with a brief description of your product or brand, and it will create unique content for you. You don’t need any special skills or experience.

Personal content

Create unlimited personal content and save them in your account so that you can have access to them from any way or on any device.

What our App Look Like

Ready To Quit Writer’s Block And Start Writing?

What you can create with Kratuus?

78+ AI writing tools in your toolbox, With new tools being added almost every week

Email Copy

  • Product Launch Email

  • Promotional Email

  • Affiliate Promotional Email

  • Lead Nurturing Email

  • Abandoned Cart Email

  • Free Trial Email

  • Webinar Email

  • Survey Email

  • Post Webinar Email

  • Pre Launch Email

  • Welcome Email

  • Newsletter

  • Announcement Email

  • Birthday Email

  • Special Offer Email

  • Transactional Email

  • Free Trial Expiration

  • Subscription Cancellation

  • Order Confirmation Email

  • Re Engagement Email


Personalized Intros

  • Pitch An Angel

  • Cold Emails

  • Backlink Campaigns

  • LinkedIn Outreach

Digital Ads

  • Catchy Outbrain Headline

  • Bing Ads Headline

  • Bing Ads Description

  • Facebook Ad Headline

  • Facebook Ad Description

  • Pinterest Ad Description

  • Google Search Ads Description

  • Google Search Ads Headline

  • Twitter Ads Headline

  • Twitter Ads Description

  • Linkedin Text Ad

  • Pinterest Ad Headline

  • Taboola Headlines


Articles And Blogs

  • Blog Conclusion

  • Blog Heading Expander

  • Blog Post

  • Article summaries

  • Blog Title

  • Blog Intro

  • Blog Outline

  • Long Form Article Writer

Website Copies

  • Landing Page Copy

  • SEO Meta Description

  • Website Headline

  • Website sub-headline

  • SEO Meta Title

  • Book Title Ideas


Sales-Driven Copywriting

  • AIDA

  • PAS

  • Features To Benefits

  • Powerful Bullet Point

  • Value Proposition

  • Product/Brand Description

  • Google My Business Profile

  • Google My Business Headline

  • Google My Business Description

  • Product Name Generator

  • Local Directory Listing Description

  • Call To Action

  • Brochure Advertising Text

  • Local Business Promotion Ideas

  • Yelp Description

  • Company Bio

  • LinkedIn Profile

Social Media

  • Social Media Post Caption

  • Engaging Social Media Posts

  • YouTube Video Topic Ideas

  • Product Reviews

  • Quora Answer Assist


Video and Audio

  • Facebook Ads Video Script

  • Video Sales Letter Script

  • YouTube Ads Video Script

  • Voice Over Script

  • Radio Ads Script

  • YouTube Video Description

  • YouTube Video Topic Ideas

Long Form Article Writer

  • Long Form Article Writer

  • Article Summarizer

  • Article Rewriter

  • Keyword Extractor

The Future of CopyWriting

Get It Done With Kratuus

If you're an executive business owner, there's a 75% chance you'll go out of business within five years if you don't adopt AI technology. So what are you waiting for? Start today!.



If you have a business that sells services, digital products, or physical products online, Kratuus is perfect for you:

Content Creators and Copywriters

Content creators and copywriters who want to keep creating steady plagiarism-free content and That are looking towards completing projects faster.

Local business owners

Irrespective of your industry and the type of product or service you sell, Kratuus will help you grow your customer base and revenue via the power of converting marketing copy and website content.

Marketer and social media managers

Whether you are promoting your product, managing your social media account, or for others, Kratuus will help you create amazing marketing and social media content in 1 click.


Nursing the idea of starting a new business or have one already? Use Kratuus to churn out amazing marketing content, social media content, and website content for your business.

Freelancer and agency

With Kratuus, you can create top-notch marketing copy and website content that your clients will love.

Online business owners

Kratuus is designed to help you create almost all the marketing copy you can use to sell your physical and digital products online.


Join over 3,000+ companies and individuals that trust Kratuus

Our customers use Kratuus to create amazing content daily – and absolutely love the quality of the content


Choose A Plan below and Start Writing Like A Pro

See All Pricing Plan


Most Popular
$29 /Month
  • 40 AI tokens
  • 10 long articles
  • 10 keyword extraction
  • 5 team members
  • Personal content
  • Commercial license
  • Every content template
  • 24/7 Priority support
  • Access to all 78+ tools
  • Access to all 78+ tools


$69 /Month
  • 250 AI tokens
  • 30 long articles
  • 50 keyword extraction
  • 30 team members
  • 5 sub-accounts
  • Personal content
  • Commercial license
  • Every content template
  • 24/7 Priority support
  • Access to all 78+ tools
  • Access to our newest features

Frequently Ask Questions

Absolutely Kratuus was trained by copywriters and content creators with years of experience working as freelancers. So, you’re guaranteed to produce high quality human-like high converting Copy ranging from emails, sales letters, landing page copy, etc. You can also generate Content for any use case, no matter your industry.

YES! One of the Ai tools is a long-form content writer which is specifically designed to generate unlimited content for an article. It lets you generate the blog title, outline, intro, long paragraphs, blog conclusion, etc, in seconds

We do not like plagiarism, and that was why we had to make sure that our tool is plagiarism-free. 99% of our beta testers recorded 0% plagiarism, This is awesome, and we’re working tirelessly to be sure that we maintain the standard.

It actually takes you lesser time to generate content with [Copymatric] than you think. Once you’re done telling the robot the type of copy or content to generate for you, it goes into work and delivers output in less than 3 seconds.

Content marketing can help you expand your organic reach by writing blog articles. Kratuus lets you write unlimited quality content that ranks, that means you'll never come short of ideas about what to write. When you combine the content the robot creates for you with the right keyword research you will likely dominate your niche sooner

Yes, our API is fully ready for you to access.

Yes! We are adding new features and AI tools almost every week.